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1941 Gar Wood Commuter

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Our Services

Bottom Work

At Northwest Classic Boats, bottom work is done with the utmost care. All the old wood is replaced -- the framing, keel, chine, forefoot, stem (either partial or full), transom, bow, and anything that has been in contact with oil and water. The stringer will be replaced as needed. Whether seen or not, we remove everything that may have been compromised by oil or rot.

We do not leave any old wood in the bottom for safety and rot prevention. Our refurbished classic boats re built to be stronger than the original construction.

There are many ways to put on a new bottom. We are believers in epoxy construction. Although we do not recommend the traditional bottom, we have and will continue to build traditional bottoms at the owners’ request.

With every part of the bottom new and glued together with epoxy, we create a strong and water tight bottom that will stand up to today’s rough lakes. Owners will no longer have the task of having to swell the bottoms of their boat.

Bottom framing ready for new plywood
Bottom framing ready for new plywood
All new bottom framing
All new bottom framing
Rudy working on a new bottom.
Rudy working on a new bottom.
New bottom being glassed and coated with epoxy
New bottom being glassed
and coated with epoxy

Water Testing

On the property is a 30 x 100 pond in which we water test the boats. We also take them to a nearby lake and test the boats under full load.

Testing pond
Testing pond
Another successful water test.
A successful water test at the lake.


Using the finest mechanics available, all engines are sent out of shop to be rebuilt. We oversee the removal and installation of the engine. The engines are rebuilt or replaced by a qualified mechanic. If the engine needs to be replaced, we buy marine engines ready to go and install them in the boat.


Depending upon availability, we use several excellent upholstery and canvas shops in the area specializing in antique and classic cars, hot rods and boats.


Shrink wrapping is available for long deliveries.